The real drone revolution will be the micro-drone revolution.

 Dr Mirko Kovac, director of the aerial robotics laboratory at Imperial College London, believes that small-but-mighty machines will bring good to humanity

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UK’s Oral Storytelling Renaissance

The Storytellers Club 2

Curators of oral storytelling series in the UK discuss how the form is a reaction to our increasingly digital world — and how it intersects with publishing.

Read one I wrote earlier….my headline article for the New York’s  Publishing Perspectives in full below or by clicking on this link. Publishing Perspectives is a project of The Frankfurt Book Fair.

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Although I haven’t got round to posting up everything I wrote last year, here is my first new story for 2015.

Read in full below or by clicking on this link my latest hit and exclusive story for Wired including an equally exclusive interview with UK Government cabinet minister Ed Vaizey. It was number two story on all weekend.

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Nanomedicine: Hunting as a pack


Tiny particles could be programmed to swarm together and mount a determined attack on cancer

Read my latest story for The Economist in full below or by clicking this link.

WHEN Sabine Hauert told a recent RE.WORK technology summit in London about injecting trillions of man-made smart devices, some as small as 10 nanometres (billionths of a metre), into the human body and programming them to work as a pack to hunt down and kill tumour cells, it seemed to be a fantastically futuristic notion. But Dr Hauert knows her stuff and is starting to turn the idea into reality.

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Beware of The Cloud


Beware of the cloud

The Cloud is coming to a company near you. Mark Piesing meets Mark Skilton to find out what that means for our security

Read my second piece for Warwick Business School’s The Core magazine in full below or as a PDF The third is being written right now. 

Mark Skilton_The cloud_WBS_CORE_Edition Two_online

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Orphan Technologies: A phoenix rises?

Ground-effect vehicles are a clever idea whose time has never come—so far

Read my latest piece for The Economist’s Science & Technology section – over 1.6k likes on Facebook…

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Medical robotics: Would you trust a robot with a scalpel?


They can improve precision in surgery making it less invasive and speeding recovery; and in palliative care monitor vital signs and improve quality of life. The challenge now is to win over the patients

Read my very well received recent 3700 word, 3 large colour pages whoper that I was asked to write for  The Observer’s Tech Monthly in full below or read the original by following this link.

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Is the internet God? Alexander Bard’s Syntheism paves the way for a new elite


The participatory culture of the internet will overturn our sense of ourselves as individuals, says the activist and new religious leader

Read my recent hit piece for The Guardian, and Editor’s Choice on the home page,  in full below or read the original here. 

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The Big Sleep

Trials have begun using suspended animation to help critically ill patients

Read my latest piece for The Economist in full below or by following this link.

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How tech could spell the end of animals in drugs testing


guinea pig. Image shot 06/2012. Exact date unknown.

We are in a pharmaceutical ice age where fewer drugs are being developed. But new computer modelling and bioengineering techniques could revitalise the industry – and make animal testing obsolete.

Read my latest piece for The Observer/ The Guardian in full below or by following this link. It was a double page colour feature in The Observer’s New Review and a featured story on The Guardian’s home page all day. It was shared 5900 times on Facebook.

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