How to build a start-up in a war zone?

How to build a start up in a war zone

Starting a business in a war zone sounds crazy, but it is becoming a key tool for peace-builders. 

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The legal turbulence hindering drones in the UK


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How UK Museums Use Mobile Tech to Enhance Visitor Experience?


The Natural History Museum's Pompeii app adds depth to the exhibition.

UK museums are adapting publishing technology to their needs and using mobile apps to re-invigorate the way visitors explore their spaces.

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Autonomous vehicles: how safe are trucks without human drivers?


Forget about the Google Car experiments are already under way testing out trucks that can drive themselves. But how safe will these juggernauts be without a human at the helm?

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Oxford professor develops mobile payment technology with defence-grade security



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Imagine a piece of software that would allow the soldiers, aid workers and government officials thrown together after a disaster to quickly and securely communicate with each other whatever device they hold in their hands. Imagine too the same approach used to allow you to pay easily for your coffee on your mobile after entering a simple four digit code.

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Heat engines: Stirling Silver?

A 200 year old invention may at last be ready for market.

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‘Born-to-die’: this device will self-destruct in 60 seconds

born to die

Electronic devices that biodegrade to order could lead to huge medical advances. And the Pentagon, through Darpa, is investing heavily in ‘born-to-die’ technology too.

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The connected prison: swapping lock and key for biometrics and RFID

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Public sector? Tick. New technology? Tick. Sensitive issue? Tick.

It is hard to believe after the recent public sector IT scandals that the UK government may be about to do it all again. This time it is with high-security prisons.

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Mobile Storytelling Inspires Innovation, Experimentation

Read my latest for New York based Publishing Perspectives in full below or by clicking here. It was the headline story of the day.


By Mark Piesing

LONDON: “Mashed Baby Salad” is the winning line in a round of Chip Stew — a game that challenges players to invent the most revolting dish possible from the words on a pub menu.

It is one of 300 easy-to-play games on the soon-to-be-released Tiny Games app by London-based Hide&Seek. Tiny Games is one of the latest innovations in mobile storytelling to come out of the startup cluster around the Old Street roundabout in East London, an area dubbed Silicon Roundabout or Tech City.

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Rare-earth mineral subsitutes could defeat Chinese stranghold


Not the snappiest of titles but read my latest piece for in full below or by clicking this link. In the US and UK, research projects are searching for synthetic replacements for rare-earth materials

“Nothing happens. Nothing happens. And then everything happens,” says Laura Lewis, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

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