How your electronic DNA could be the secure login of the future

young woman looking at Facebook website on laptop computer. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

About 500 different behaviours are unique to every individual and, taken together, form what they call ‘eDNA’.

Read my exclusive story for The Guardian and which was  the top story on Technology Guardian  all weekend as well as editor’s choice on the app. The Guardian is one of the top ten news sites in the world by popularity. It was also re-published by  popular US site Business Insider.

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How to design a spacesuit for landing on an asteroid

Read my hit piece for Wired – and an exclusive story thanks to NASA – in full below or by following this link.

Earlier this year around 230,000 people participated in a vote to choose the outer skin of Nasa’s new Z-2 planetary exploration spacesuit.

Yet for humanity’s first manned mission into deep space Nasa isn’t actually planning to use this brand-new, if bulky, spacesuit.


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Spacesuits: A new generation of outfits for astronauts is being developed.

Behind on my posts again…here is my piece in the last edition of The Economist’s Technology Quarterly. NASA’s new spacesuit was a big story in US/UK, but my story contains exclusive material from NASA. I was also the only journalist I believe to find out what private space and the Russians were up to. Read in full below or by following this link.

AROUND 230,000 votes were cast in a recent online competition held by NASA to choose one of three designs for the American space agency’s new Z-2 spacesuit. It was not the technology that people were invited to vote for, but the style of the outer layer. The winner (pictured right) features vivid-blue electroluminescent wire and patches, exposed bearings and natty collapsing pleats to improve an astronaut’s mobility.


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How Writers Can Work With Games Developers

Perplex CityRh


Read my ‘hit’ story from last months London Book Fair which I covered for the New York based Publishing Perspectives and which was their headline story of the day.

LONDON: In Los Angeles, every pool attendant wants to write a movie script. In Oxford, every waiter or waitress is trying to write a novel. At the London Book Fair last week, everyone – even established authors – seemed to want to write for video games and other interactive media.

And few of them had any idea of where to start.

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Creationists buy humanoid robot to study technology’s impact on humanity


Read my recent hit ‘provocative’ long read  for Wired in full bellow or the original here. While this story was widely covered in the UK/US media I believe I was the only journalist to go beyond it and ask the big questions behind it. I also secured an exclusive interview with  Frank Meehan, one of the founders of Siri and DeepMind.

In 1925, creationists at the Scopes Trial in Tennessee argued against the theory of evolution and in favour of biblical truth. Now, 90 years later, a group of similarly fundamentalist Christians from nearby North Carolina has spent $16,000 (£9,500) on a humanoid Nao robotto explore what is arguably the next stage of evolution on Earth, the coming of the robots….

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How to build a start-up in a war zone?

How to build a start up in a war zone

Starting a business in a war zone sounds crazy, but it is becoming a key tool for peace-builders. 

Still behind on my posts…read my story for Wired magazine in full below or here and see why it was retweeted by The Guardian.

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The legal turbulence hindering drones in the UK


Still behind on my posts…read my piece for Wired from last month in full below or by clicking on this link. It was one of the most popular posts of the day and I believe it was  the first piece in the mainstream UK media that tried to sum up the position of drones in UK law. It was well received by the industry – being described as ‘comprehensive’.  Since this was published there has been a test case.

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How UK Museums Use Mobile Tech to Enhance Visitor Experience?


The Natural History Museum's Pompeii app adds depth to the exhibition.

UK museums are adapting publishing technology to their needs and using mobile apps to re-invigorate the way visitors explore their spaces.

Still behind on my posts….read this piece from December which I wrote for New York based Publishing Perspectives and was headline story of the day.

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Autonomous vehicles: how safe are trucks without human drivers?


Forget about the Google Car experiments are already under way testing out trucks that can drive themselves. But how safe will these juggernauts be without a human at the helm?

Got a bit behind with my posts… here is my latest piece for The Independent in full below or by following this link. It was the first piece in the UK media to address the issue of autonomous trucks and it was syndicated  to newspapers as far away as Malaysia, Tajikistan…

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Oxford professor develops mobile payment technology with defence-grade security



Read my latest exclusive for Wired in full below or by following this link.

Imagine a piece of software that would allow the soldiers, aid workers and government officials thrown together after a disaster to quickly and securely communicate with each other whatever device they hold in their hands. Imagine too the same approach used to allow you to pay easily for your coffee on your mobile after entering a simple four digit code.

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