Call of Duty designer Dave Anthony is advising America on the threats that could cause the apocalypse

Dave Anthony is well-versed in nightmare scenarios. Mark Piesing finds out how worried we should be.

Well as the Christmas lights have just been turned on in Oxford…here is an earlier Christmas present…please find my below my recent story for The Independent which was on the cover of the ‘i’.

I have added Dave Anthony’s top terrifying threats to the future of the world (or those he is allowed to tell us) which appeared in print but not online.

You can find the original by clicking here.

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Big Idea: Postcapitalism is Coming, But Publishing Will (Mostly) Be Spared

Paul Mason is the Channel 4 News Economcs Editor. He is the author of several books.

UK author and broadcaster Paul Mason sees the future as a place where the value of work is reduced to zero, but ideas — and their proliferation — still hold sway.

I interviewed Paul for Publishing Perspectives in the run up to the Frankfurt Book Fair last month and this is what he had to say….

You can check out the original here. You can read more of my coverage of the fair for Publishing Perspectives here

“I don’t think publishing has mastered digital,” laughs journalist — or prophet — Paul Mason, author of Postcapitalism: A Guide to our Future, responding to the thought that publishing has entered a post-digital age, as some at the fair will be claiming. “The digital world is in a permanent revolution and all they have mastered is how to produce digital files that approximate to what a book used to do.

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Looking for answers

Face-recognition technology can diagnose developmental disorders

Read one of my recent pieces for The Economist in full below or the original by clicking on this link.

THERE is something of the 19th century about the science of dysmorphology. The idea that medical conditions, such as Down’s or Angelman’s syndromes, whose main consequences are neurological and behavioural, imprint themselves on the body’s shape in ways reliable enough to be used for diagnosis sounds disturbingly like phrenology or physiognomy. Be that as it may, they do—and for these and many other developmental disorders, dysmorphology works. Indeed, on this basis, the 16th-century painting above is thought to be of a child with Angelman’s.

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The Future Of Bionics Is In His Hands

The future of bionics is in his hands.

Check out my profile of Joel Gibbard, founder of Open Bionics, that appeared in Wired magazine in full below or by following this link to the original.

It was the second of two profiles that I had in that edition of Wired.

When it comes to prosthetic hands, options are limited: a rigid cosmetic attachment; an awkward hook; or a heavy, expensive robotic appendage. Joel Gibbard believes there’s another way.

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Flapping About

Biomechanics: Replacing a propeller with a flapping fin could help a team of zoologists set a new speed record on the water

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