This is not your computer talking: can text-to-speech technology convince more publishers of its benefits?


At Frankfurt Book Fair. Image: Frankfurter Buchmesse, Marc Jacquemin


Even as some in publishing seem resistant to the educational benefits of text-to-speech, proponents like ReadSpeaker say the technology is getting stronger.

Check out my recent piece for Publishing Perspectives in full below or the original piece by clicking here.

Here the technology at work for yourself – click on the Voice Demo on the Readspeaker homepage and voices that range from Norwegian male to South Korean female.

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Serial Dilemma: What does success look like in Book Apps?


As innovative as publishers may want to be, how do we evaluate market response to ‘Julian Fellowes’s Belgravia’ with so few apps as apt comparisons and publishers so reluctant to make public any data on the sale of their apps?

Check out my exclusive interview with Marissa Hussey, the women behind Julian Fellowes’ ‘Belgravia’, for Publishing Perspectives  in full below, or by clicking this link. Belgravia wasn’t the hit that some people thought it would be

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What happens when you try and fly a drone inside a fusion reactor?

Pictures by Deniz Topcuoglu and Goshen Ongun

How do you make repairs inside a nuclear reactor? The answer may be small drones that can fly and walk.

Check out my exclusive story for BBC Future in full below with added extra pics that weren’t used in the original piece or by clicking on this link The repair crew that can go where no human can.

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From David Hockney to Luc Besson, The Dwarves saga to Silicon Valley.



It was great to be again on the Publishing Perspectives team covering The Frankfurt Book Fair this year.  The Frankfurt Book Fair remains the world’s largest and oldest book fair.

Here is the link to download all of Publishing Perspective’s Show Daily magazines, which has the largest and widest circulation out of the three magazines that appear each day at the Show.

Check out below links to the pieces I wrote.

It was also great this year to be able to interview 24 year old George Burgess, founder and CEO of Ed-tech startup Gojimo and co-founder of the EdTech Exchange, on the Publishing Perspectives stage at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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George Monbiot on ‘rewilding’ the countryside and the end of sheep


“Love them or hate them, sheep have done more damage to the ecology of this country than all the buildings, all the pollution and all the climate change.”

Read my hit front page interview with environmentalist and journalist George Monbiot for the i newspaper in full below or the original here.

It was also appeared in a few number of regional and local news outlets in the UK such as The Yorkshire Post.

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Getting Our Books Beyond Nigeria


Cassava Republic in Abuja, Nigeria is an independent publisher established in 2006 to challenge perceptions of African writing. Today, the company has an office and bookshop in London to promote its writers in the West such as Leye Adenle, author Easy Motion Tourist.

On the 10th anniversary of her publishing house, it was great to be asked to talk to founder Bakare-Yusuf on how she is planning to get books into the hands of readers and partnerships with international companies.

It is great to be in the Publishing Perspective’s autumn print magazine and Frankfurt Book Preview again.

Read it on Publishing Perspectives by clicking here or download it here