I just gave a lecture at the National Maritime Museum!

I still can’t believe this! But on June 13, I gave a very well-received lecture for the Royal Museums Greenwich in the National Maritime Museum lecture theatre to around sixty people. It was an incredible privilege. As a child, it was one of my favourite museums! 
The topic was Amundsen’s Last Expedition, which is featured in my critically acclaimed book, N-4 DOWN the hunt for the Arctic airship Italia. 

“Mark Piesing gave an incredibly interesting talk to the Members of Royal Museums Greenwich – tailoring the lecture to an area that would be of most interest to our members and linking to our collection. We had excellent feedback from all who attended.”
–Sarah Foster, Senior Membership Officer, Royal Museums Greenwich

If you want me to talk to your group about Amundsen’s Last Expedition, my book N-4 DOWN, Orford Ness, or another topic, email me at mpiesing @ gmail.com – or find me on social media – to begin our conversation.

A stunning location!
Before the doors opened!
Getting into the zone!

The Q&A!

Signing books – a busy evening!

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