From David Hockney to Luc Besson, The Dwarves saga to Silicon Valley.



It was great to be again on the Publishing Perspectives team covering The Frankfurt Book Fair this year.  The Frankfurt Book Fair remains the world’s largest and oldest book fair.

Here is the link to download all of Publishing Perspective’s Show Daily magazines, which has the largest and widest circulation out of the three magazines that appear each day at the Show.

Check out below links to the pieces I wrote.

It was also great this year to be able to interview 24 year old George Burgess, founder and CEO of Ed-tech startup Gojimo and co-founder of the EdTech Exchange, on the Publishing Perspectives stage at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Podcasts for Frankfurt Book Fair’s Publishing Enthusiasts, And Beyond

with Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief

Hockney Shows How Technology Still Serves the Artist

David Hockney was the keynote speaker at the opening press conference of the Frankfurt Book Fair which I covered.

Educational Publishers Confront Tech Disruption

Looking for the High-Tech Crowd in Frankfurt?

THE ARTS+ Presents: A Book Is A Film Is A Game

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