Updated: I now have a title and publication date for my book.


Well, it’s been an ‘interesting’ twelve months since I submitted my manuscript. There was the sudden death of my father (a phone call at 2am),  a change of editor and then coronavirus.

But I now have a publishing date and title for my hitherto ‘Untitled Arctic Disaster’ book!

The amazing book cover will be released soon,

N4 DOWN: the hunt for the Arctic airship Italia is scheduled to be published in at the end of August-September 2021, by the incredible Custom House, an imprint of HarperCollins (New York), which publishes some of my favorite authors.

There is still a while to go yet, but I would like to say thank you to my amazing agent Erin Cox at Rob Weisbach Creative Management for her support and encouragement and to Geoff and Peter, my fantastic editors for their hard work and patience.

What happens now?

My bookshelf (literally!)

Well, I am waiting for my next – last? – set of edits, and I still have the seemingly never-ending job of formatting my endnotes in Chicago style!

I am also busy developing the pitch for my next book.

I was lucky to be able to write about one of the stories that I stumbled across while researching my book for BBC Future. You can find my BBC feature here.

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