What is happening with my book? Well, I have finished reviewing the copyeditors changes/ comments and my MS is now back with Custom House/ HarperCollins

Well, my editor at Custom House/ HarperCollins sent the manuscript for N-4 DOWN to the copyeditor in February.

I was given two weeks in March to review the copyeditors changes and comments, half of which were about the format of the endnotes [N-4 DOWN is narrative non-fiction].

There didn’t seem to be much to do for a 105,000 word manuscript, but its length meant that it took along time.

But I clicked on send last Friday, somehow having met the deadline.

Since then I have also had to prepare a brief for a cartographer to draw a map for the book.

[It is great to know that it is still a profession]

Now I have to finalise the images and wait to review the first pass.

Top tip: correctly fomat your endnotes as you write your book!

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