What is happening with my book? A lot!

“A meticulously researched and utterly gripping account of adventure, airships and adversity, Mark Piesing’s N-4 Down is a brilliant book. “

Michael Bhaskar, author of Human Frontiers: The Future of Big Ideas in an Age of Small Thinking

My book N-4 DOWN: The hunt for the Arctic airship Italia is due to be published on August 31, 2021 and this means that the production deadline is now very close.

SO I have been really busy working on

Reviewing the galley proofs

Asking other writers to read the book and give me a few lines for the cover of the book.

And then there was the exciting, worried, wait for the first feedback.

Thankfully, they were very good!

Answering questions from the proof reader. 

Choosing the pics, their order, the captions and the licences.

Reviewing the layout of the photographs and their captions.

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