Get Lost Podcast: The Hunt for Arctic airship Italia

I was really chuffed when I was invited on to the award-winning Get Lost podcast to talk about my new book N-4 DOWN: The hunt for the Arctic airship Italia.

The Get Lost Podcast was one of Adweek’s Podcasts of the Year for 2020

I hope you enjoy listening to it, as much as I did doing it.

Find out what the critics are saying about N-4 DOWN here.

Polar explorers venture from Italy to the North Pole in a zeppelin during 1928, but the trip doesn’t go as planned. Author Mark Piesing joins us to bring one of polar exploration’s most harrowing tales of disaster and rescue back to life. Piesing talks about his book, N-4 Down: The Hunt for Arctic Airship Italia and special guest host Meredith Edwards (Meredith for Real: The Curious Introvert) takes the reigns of the show.

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