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I really enjoyed chatting to award-winning podcast producer Kenneth M Sweeney for The Comfortable Spot Podcast about some of the bigger issues that my critically acclaimed book N-4 DOWN the hunt for the Arctic airship Italia (Mariner Books/ HarperCollins) addresses…

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3:45 why people are fascinated by polar stories

4:55 the realization that science cannot help you in the Arctic

6:00 the story behind N-4 DOWN

7:00 the Fascist connection

9:00 legacy of Umberto Nobile

10:22 the role of Roald Amundsen in the story

12:50 the comparison of Umberto Nobile’s leadership with Scott and Shackleton

20:50 the big egos and technology rivalries of the 2020s compared to the 1920s

29:00 what we can learn from the story of N-4 DOWN

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