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What is the right balance between copyright and access to education?

Publishing Perspectives

I have been busy writing some great stories so it’s good to be back on my blog with these two stories that I wrote for the New York based Publishing Perspectives’ spring magazine.

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Big Data (and Big Metaphors) at London Book Fair

Big Data‘The “data dilemma” is what to do with the data,” as was noted at #LBF16’s seminar in the final hours of the fair. Image: Mark Piesing

Read my recent hit piece  for Publishing Perspectives in full below or by following this link.

You can read some more of my coverage of the LBF for Publishing Perspectives here: Writing The Book On AI:Nick Bostrom

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Writing The Book On AI: Nick Bostrom


‘A Risk That We Will Smash Into the Wall’

Behind on my posts again, read my recent interview with Nick Bostrom at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute for Publishing Perspectives in full below or by following this link.

“Artificial Intelligence could in the end replace most, if not all, of the high-level functions of an editor, but if you get to that point then the whole game changes not just for an industry but for humanity as a whole, because it will have become superintelligent,” says Oxford academic and prophet of an AI apocalypse Nick Bostrom.

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Amazon is a More “Modest Beast,” says UK Tech Expert

“Amazon is no longer as powerful as it seemed” and is suffering a crisis, argues Charles Arthur, ex-tech editor of the Guardian and author of Digital Wars.

Read my hit – and first of four previews – of the Publishing for Digital Minds conference/ London Book Fair in April for Publishing Perspectives. It got a lot of people in publishing talking.

It appeared on Italy’s Giornale della Libreria as well.

If ever there was a place to proclaim the beginning of the end of Amazon, that nemesis of the publishing industry, then it couldn’t get much better than the London Book Fair.

And this is precisely what Charles Arthur, former technology editor at the Guardian and author of Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle for the Internet, is planning on doing when he presents his speech “Amazon: An Objective Case Study” at the London Book Fair’s Publishing for Digital Minds Conference next Monday.

Charles Arthur

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How Writers Can Work With Games Developers

Perplex CityRh


Read my ‘hit’ story from last months London Book Fair which I covered for the New York based Publishing Perspectives and which was their headline story of the day.

LONDON: In Los Angeles, every pool attendant wants to write a movie script. In Oxford, every waiter or waitress is trying to write a novel. At the London Book Fair last week, everyone – even established authors – seemed to want to write for video games and other interactive media.

And few of them had any idea of where to start.

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